Missouri River 2018 Snow and Flow

Yesterday, Garrett and I attended the annual meeting of the Upper Missouri Water Advisory Group. It’s essentially a gathering of all the bean counters that work in the watershed of the upper Mo, everyone from fishery biologists to the Bureau of Reclamation and Northwestern Energy attends. As guides and outfitters there is a lot of information in an afternoon long meeting that is irrelevant to our fishing season. However, the two most important topics we want to share with our anglers are predicted streamflows for the Mo and the latest fish counts. Here is the short version.

Montana Snowpack Update Feb 7 2018

This time of year the daily morning coffee routine requires a quick examination into the Internet side of the fly fishing world. Blogs, social media outlets, the weather forecast, and most importantly snow pack all have special tabs for quick access on the browser during the winter season. In reality, checking the snow pack on a daily basis isn’t something that demands our attentive observation every morning, but the desire for a great water year is enticing enough and it keeps our anticipation levels high for the season to come.

Montana's Fishy Watering Holes

It’s that time of the year when we are thinking about skiing trips, Belizean flats, and summer time risers in the southern hemisphere. However, don’t let that mind wander too far from planning this summer’s fishing trip to Montana. That will be here before we know it and while it might seem far away, this is the time to secure a prime date on your favorite stream. Since part of a fishing trip goes beyond the river, here are my favorite fishy spots around Montana to hang out after a great day on the water.