Hosted Destination Fly Fishing Trips

Bonefish on the fly.

We have had the good fortune of traveling to fish all over the world, and we would be happy to share some of our personal favorite spots with you.

Have you cast a fly at a six foot tarpon before? Ever watched a Kiwi monster brownie swim four feet over to poke a cicada with it's nose? We have, and it's always been worth the effort to get ourselves to places where these amazing things happen. Having a trusted friend point you in the right direction or come along to share in the experience has always helped us, and that is what we offer to you. 

We don't currently have any hosted destination trips planned, but we have a few ideas in the hopper and will be letting our anglers know when we put a plan together. We are especially partial to the Florida Keys, Alaska, New Zealand, Belize, Panama and Mexico, but we have fished as far away as Africa so nothing is out of the question.