Clark Fork Region

Beautiful Brown Trout in Montana

The region of Montana that sits on the western side of the Continental Divide in the central part of the state offers yet more angling opportunities worth a closer look.

With classic freestones like the Clark Fork River, the Blackfoot River, and the Bitterroot River you can find great fishing while following along the Lewis and Clark Trail once again, this time on their eastward push toward home.       

A Missoula, Montana Based Fly Fishing Trip

Missoula is an excellent base for multi-day trip, in fact the Clark Fork River runs right through downtown, and your choices for good lodging, dining and non-fishing activities is wide-ranging. Missoula is a pretty hip town by Montana standards, great live music, community festivals and summer fun to be had in this small college city.

All of the rivers in this area are easily accessible from Helena or Missoula, and also the Spokane/Yakima/Portland/Seattle areas for that matter if you like to road-trip, which a lot of our Pacific Northwest anglers do. All of these freestone rivers offer solid spring and early summer stonefly hatches that are great fun to hit, and awesome summertime terrestrial fishing as well.

While the Blackfoot, Clark Fork and Bitterroot Rivers take top billing in this region, there are a number of smaller waters that are worth exploring as well, most notably Rock Creek, the Little Blackfoot and a few we can't name here. We love the Westside's freestone fisheries, and believe you will too.