Spring Special Guided Fly Fishing Trips

The early season is earlier than it used to be when it comes to fishing in Montana, what with climate change, advancements in gear to brave the elements, and our passion to get back on the water as soon as possible after a long, dark and cold winter. Our annual Spring Special makes taking advantage of the solid early season fishing we have all the easier.

$400/Day Guide Trips!

This is the 'wake up' season for our trout as they emerge from their semi-hibernative winter state, and they wake up hungry. Late morning and afternoon fishing is best, and a mixture of nymph, streamer and dryfly fishing is usually the most productive approach. Warmer overcast days when the water temps are peaking give us the best conditions, but as we get closer to May the metabolism rates of our trout (especially rainbows returning from their spawn), will necessitate them to eat regularly.

Angling pressure is very low compared to the summer months, so spring is a great season to have the river to yourself.  Here's the full scoop on our Spring Special guided trips:

  • 2019 marks Our 10th year of running Spring Special trips, so we know what we're doing here

  • $400/day for 1 or 2 anglers on driftboat and walk wade trips, 25+% off normal rates

  • Jetboat trips are full price and rod fees on private water access apply

  • March 1st until April 15th

  • Many of our favorite lodging spots also have discounted spring rates

  • Take advantage of climate change and eager to get to work fishing guides

Spring fishing in Montana is not for the flip-flop, T-shirt, slather on the sunscreen crowd. Weather is variable; sometimes real nice, sometimes real not nice. Coming prepared is key.

Fishing can be great right from the start in March, but it generally gets better as water temperatures rise with longer days heading toward May. If you like solitude and solid fishing, very good nymphing and streamer chucking with the potential for some top-shelf dryfly fishing, then an early season fishing adventure is for you.

Missouri River
The spring season has become our favorite on the Mighty Mo, no question.  Good to great nymphing and streamer fishing with afternoon midge, baetis, march brown and skwala hatches that provide some of the best dryfly action of the year. It builds as you go through the spring, but usually March 15 is game on and April 15-30 is potentially magical. 

Bozeman Area
Walk wade trips on the upper MadisonGallatin canyon and Paradise Valley Spring Creeks are all great options to get out of the boat in the springtime. If you want to maximize your recreation day you can combine a little skiing with your fishing - carve turns in the morning and make casts in the afternoon!

Midge and baetis mayfly hatches prevail in the spring, and sometimes the Mother's Day caddis hatch pops early if you get lucky. The Yellowstone River and lower Madison are staples of the area and will give you more productive options for a multi-day trout tour. 

Missoula Area
The Bitterroot River and it's well known spring skwala stonefly hatch are a major draw for our west of the divide anglers. There are few places in the rocky mountain west where you can go throw big dryflies in March and early April and have trout get excited about it, and this is one of them. The Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers provide back-up in the early season and if conditions are right can give you more great options out of Missoula.

Bighorn River

Montana's other tailwater river is also a spring destination spot for good reason. Like the Missouri, the Bighorn River in southeast Montana is a fantastic early season fishery with very productive nymphing and afternoon dryfly fishing to midge and baetis sipping trout with the right conditions.