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Montana is troutopia, a trout fishing paradise.

Pick up any fly fishing periodical and this will be reaffirmed time and again; mayflies on the Missouri, brown trout on the Bighorn, salmonflies on the Smith. Montana has become synonymous with the best trout fishing in America, and you can believe the hype. We sit on the crown of the continent here, where the mountain snowpack turns to the pure river water where our wild and native trout flourish. It is as good as it gets, and that is the primary reason why we, as life long anglers and lovers of all things trout, have chosen to live here.

The Rivers Deliver - the primary reason why most trout anglers will agree that Montana is a uniquely special place is the water; the quantity and the quality. We have three major watersheds in Montana - the Yellowstone, the Clark Fork, and the Missouri. Together they drain the vast majority of the famous blue ribbon rivers we fish and guide on - the Madison, Bitterroot, and Blackfoot Rivers to name just a few. When you think about all the creeks, small streams and rivers that feed these major rivers, it is a bit mind boggling the sheer volume of trout water Montana has to play with. We are uniquely blessed with water.  

A Fishin' Mission - the culture of fishing in Montana is deeply rooted, has a storied history and is shared by many. While you can find lots of walleye, perch, smallmouth and pike lovers, it's really all about the trout and flicking a fly to catch them here. If you have been in an airport in Montana during the summer months in the last ten years you've probably noticed the same thing we have - a very high density of people carrying 4 piece flyrods tubes. Suffice it to say, Montana is loved by the travelling and local angler alike. 

Montanans are Amazing - Montana is the 4th largest state by size, and the 44th by population; it's a big place that's still pretty void of people. Because of this, most Montanans are genuinely still 'small town' at heart, and will go out of their way to say hello to a stranger. Our anglers have shared with us time and again how, 'Montanans are just so friendly', and it's true. If you live in Montana it's very likely due to the quality of life and outdoor recreation opportunities you get, so of course we're genuinely outgoing and kind. It comes with the territory.

This is all, of course, stating the obvious to anyone who has spent some time in Montana. But for those who haven't had the pleasure yet, it's probably time you set your sights on a visit to Big Sky Country and find your #troutopia moment.