Is It Spring Yet?

Punxsutawney Phil says it is, but we're pretty sure winter will be hanging around for a while longer yet. February is a tough month in the Rocky Mountains. It's cold, dark and our outdoor play opportunities are as limited as any other time of the year. Sure, it's primetime ski season and we love that, but finding spunky trout when the water temp is in the mid-30s is tricky.

The good part about February is this; we are about halfway through winter on the calendar and bearing down on longer days when the sub-surface world will be waking up again. We just have to muscle through the next 6 weeks and before we know it Spring will be here for certain.

Thinking about the fun to come is what keeps us going - that, shoveling snow and regular doses of Montana micro-brewed beer. Talking about the fishing to come helps even more, so save a fishing guide from a chilly winter of angling despair and call us today to start planning your next Montana adventure.   

Cheers, and thanks for the support!

Garrett and Pat

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