Montana Fishing Outfitters' Pro Fishing Guides

Without a doubt, the key to the past and future success of Montana Fishing Outfitters is the awesome and professional guides we have on our team.

Hardworking, fun, patient and knowledgeable are the attributes we look for in our guides and we have been lucky to find some of the best in the business to work with. We have fished with salty-old-dog guides ourselves and know that it is not a fun way to spend a day.

The relationship between guide and angler is a personal one, and we do our very best to match our client's personality and experience with that of their guide for their trip. We take great pride in making each and every fishing trip we plan be as fun and productive as possible, and it all begins with the crew below.

Garrett Munson, Fly Fishing

Garrett Munson

Where he's from: The Chicagoland area - Go Cubs!
Where he is now: Helena, MT
Favorite Montana water: Hard to beat the Smith River, but I'm spoiled
Favorite hatch to fish: Missouri River March Brown hatch - brown trout love those bugs!
Favorite fly to fish : The Klinkhammer, it's making a big comeback in my boat

Adam Spenner, Fly Fishing

Adam Spenner

Where he's from: Missoula, MT
Where he is now: Missoula, MT
Favorite Montana water: Tough call...tie between the Blackfoot, Bitterroot and Big Hole Rivers
Favorite hatch to fish: The one that's coming on next
Favorite fly to fish: A size 10 Low Rider Show Stopper Hopper

Dave Carnahan, Fly Fishing

David Carnahan

Where he's from: Nashville, Tennessee
Where he is now: Craig, MT
Favorite Montana water: The Missouri River
Favorite hatch to fish: Fall blue-winged olives
Favorite fly to fish: Parachute BWO

Forrest Fawthrop, Fly Fishing

Forrest Fawthrop

Where he's from: Townsend, MT
Where he is now: Helena, MT
Favorite Montana water: The whole Missouri River system
Favorite hatch to fish: PMDs at the LOG
Favorite fly to fish: Large flashy and nasty streamers

Casey Phelps, Fly Fishing

Casey Phelps

Where he's from: Rathdrum, Idaho
Where he is now: Helena, MT
Favorite Montana water: Missouri River, that's why I live here
Favorite hatch to fish: Blue winged olives, spring and fall
Favorite fly to fish: Size 8 Parachute Adams, it works and everyone can see it

Kevin Guerin, Fly Fishing

Kevin Guerin

Where he's from: Florida Keys
Where he is now: Helena, MT
Favorite Montana water: Wherever I'm fishing that day is always the best water
Favorite hatch to fish: Hoppers!
Favorite fly to fish: The Tarpon Toad

Tyson Nunley, Fly Fishing

Tyson Nunley

Where he's from: Livingston, MT
Where he is now: Billings, MT
Favorite Montana water: The Yellowstone, of course
Favorite hatch to fish: Tailwater tricos - the grassier the better!
Favorite fly to fish: Big, white and articulated

Ryan Kitts, Fly Fishing

Ryan Kitts

Where he's from: Butte, MT
Where he is now: Fort Smith, MT
Favorite Montana water: The Bighorn - it produces!
Favorite hatch to fish: First caddis of the year
Favorite fly to fish: The biggest and ugliest streamer in my box

Tanner Duncan, Fly Fishing

Tanner Duncan

Where he's from: Helena, MT
Where he is now: Helena, MT
Favorite Montana water: If I told you, I'd have to kill you. Let's just say the Missouri River watershed
Favorite hatch to fish: My favorite hatch is the current hatch. However, a good golden stone hatch is always fun
Favorite fly to fish: The one that works!

Kurt Michels, Fly Fishing

Kurt Michels

Where he's from: Helena, MT
Where he is now: Craig, MT
Favorite Montana water: Its all so good, can't choose just one
Favorite hatch to fish:  Goldenstones
Favorite fly to fish: Any dry fly

Drew Christian, Fly Fishing

Drew Christian

Where he's from: Helena, MT
Where he is now: Helena, MT
Favorite Montana water: Smith River solitude
Favorite hatch to fish: Golden Stoneflies on the Big Hole
Favorite fly to fish: The Chubby! 

Eric Mondragon, Fly Fishing

Eric Mondragon

Where he's from: Colorado Springs, CO
Where he is now: Cascade, MT with my wonderful wife and 2 golden retrievers named Trout Dog and Rio
Favorite Montana water: I love the Missouri from a guiding aspect, but if I could only fish one river for the rest of my life, I would pick the Big Hole
Favorite hatch to fish: Fishing trico pods with my bamboo rod
Favorite fly to fish: Any one that a trout will eat -  funny how that changes all the time

John LaRue, Fly Fishing

John LaRue

Where he's from: I grew up on blue ribbon trout waters of Colorado, Maine, and Michigan
Where he is now: Helena, MT
Favorite Montana water: Hard to beat the Mo, we’re pretty spoiled
Favorite hatch to fish: Used to be the bikini hatch but I’m too old for that now. I like the skwala hatch on Rock Creek… first good one of the season
Favorite fly to fish: My favorite fly is the one on the end of a tight line

Mike Niles, Fly Fishing

Mike Niles

Where he's from: Fairview, MT
Where he is now: Craig, MT
Favorite Montana water: The Sun River
Favorite hatch to fish: Missouri River PMD hatch - practice your reach cast!
Favorite fly to fish: Anything under an indicator


Stephen Caldwell, Fly Fishing

Stephen Caldwell

Where he's from: Helena, MT
Where he is now: Helena, MT
Favorite Montana water: Have to to go with Mo, she keeps you humble
Favorite hatch to fish: Missouri River trico hatch, you gotta be perfect
Favorite fly to fish: Wire worm and a pheasant tail or a Griffith's gnat - one should get the job done

Taylor Todd, Fly Fishing

Taylor Todd

Where he's from: Northern California, but don’t hold it against me.
Where he is now: Helena, MT
Favorite Montana water: The Missouri, duh!
Favorite hatch to fish: The one I am fishing right now
Favorite fly to fish: Purple Haze, fish it anywhere, anytime

Mark Slayden, Fly Fishing

Mark Slayden

Where he's from: Portland, Oregon
Where he is now: Missoula...only 20 minutes from Montana for 36 years and counting.
Favorite Montana water: Blackfoot River....I bought a house on it's banks I love it so much
Favorite hatch to fish: Spruce Moth hatch - trout go absolutely crazy over these bugs!
Favorite fly to fish: The one that's working best 

Gary Behrens, Fly Fishing

Gary Behrent

Where he's from: Bozeman, truly one of the few
Where he is now: Bozeman, why would I leave?
Favorite Montana water: The Yellowstone
Favorite hatch to fish: The one the fish are eating

Favorite fly to fish: Black wooly bugger; simple, versatile, and it works

Craig Boyd, Fly Fishing

Craig Boyd

Where he's from: Calgary, Alberta Canada
Where he is now: Bozeman, MT
Favorite Montana water: Yellowstone River
Favorite hatch to fish: Grasshoppers
Favorite fly to fish: The Morrish hopper, it still works if you believe

Steve Leibinger, Fly Fishing

Steve Leibinger

Where he's from: Sheridan, Wyoming
Where he is now: Bozeman, MT
Favorite Montana water: The Mighty Yellowstone - big & free!
Favorite hatch to fish: Is there such thing as a streamer hatch?
Favorite fly to fish: Chubby

Sean Blaine, Fly Fishing

Sean Blaine

Where he's from: Twin Lakes, Idaho
Where he is now: Bozeman, MT
Favorite Montana water: I could tell you, but's a secret.
Favorite hatch to fish: Pale Morning Duns
Favorite fly to fish: PMD sparkle dun

Brock Long, Fly Fishing

Brock Long

Where he's from: The State of Missouri - Go Cards!
Where he is now: Phillipsburg, MT
Favorite Montana water: Rock Creek, Missouri River, Smith River
Favorite hatch to fish: Skwalas, March Browns, Salmonflies
Favorite fly to fish: A size 14 H&L Variant or a size 12 Orange Ausable Wolf

Pat Straub, Fly Fishing

Pat Straub

Where he's from: Gallatin Valley, MT, USA.
Where he is now:  Gallatin Valley, MT, USA.
Favorite Montana water: Who's asking?
Favorite hatch to fish: Salmonflies on the Yellowstone
Favorite fly to fish: Purple Chubby, baby

Where's my guide?

These are our core guides who work for us regularly across the Big Sky state, and your MFO guide might just be an independent contractor (which virtually all licensed Montana fishing guides are), who doesn't work for us quite often enough to make this exclusive list. We have a few of those, so rest assured that all the professional guides who work for us are legit and personally vetted by us as thoroughly as possible. Simply put, we do not hire guides who we wouldn't want to fish with ourselves.