Missoula Fly Fishing

Missoula, Montana is a true Rocky Mountain destination hotspot. It has it all - big mountains, blue-ribbon rivers, lively town life, and a great vibe. Missoula offers an open invitation to hang out, rub elbows with the locals - and fish!

The Clark Fork River runs through the heart of downtown, so inherently Missoula is a river town; any month of the year you will see surfers working out on Brennan's Wave and anglers prospecting for trout amidst the hustle and bustle of small city life. But the water doesn't stop there by a long shot - the Blackfoot River and Bitterroot Rivers, both tributaries to the Clark Fork within a short drive from town, offer a myriad of different fishing options. Most of our Missoula based guided trips will focus on a variety of different stream options and focusing on what's fishing best when you are visiting, they all offer spectacular opportunities for catching wild trout. 

Life in Missoula off the river is no slouch, either. The University of Montana is a large presence, as are the eight local breweries who have helped make Montana a micro-brewed beer destination in itself. Check out the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation visitor center, wide variety of eateries and live music scene while you are visiting for the full experience.