Weekend Fishing Forecast

Good news, fish-heads - with forecasted temperatures approaching 70 degrees tomorrow it should be a nice spring day to get out on the water. The bad news is you'll have to be choosy about the water you sample because low level snow melt has brought a few of our favorite rivers up enough to make them at least questionable if not unfishable. 

The Missouri River is clear and temps are on the rise - 38.5 degrees! Slow swing, nymph it deep or look for midge sipping noses. The Madison River is stable and already at 40 degrees - should be good. The Bighorn is running big but will fish well for you under a real big bobber.

The Yellowstone, Bitterroot and Blackfoot Rivers are high and variable, heading in the wrong direction for weekend fishing opportunities.

Most importantly, renew your fishing license and get yourself outside on a gorgeous day to knock the cobwebs off your cast. If you want to get serious give us a call and we'll set you up on a Spring Special trip with a top-shelf MFO guide.

We'll see you on the water!