Trout Don't Rise in the Evergreen Cemetery

This morning I had a cup of coffee with my good friend, Jim. We usually get together in January to take a look at the fishing calendar and get some choice dates locked down for the coming season. May for March Browns, June for PMDs, July for Tricos, August for 'hoppers. I love fishing with local anglers and Jim and I have shared some very memorable days on the water together in the last few years.

Jim officially retired last year, and while he still pours himself into his passion for supporting local non-profit groups like the Prickly Pear Land Trust and the Montana Historical Society, days of fishing and bird hunting are the priority now.

Little did I know how serious he was about his focus; Louisiana for redfish in March, Argentina for trout in April, Pennsylvania for giant trout in May, the Smith River in June, or maybe Sept, or maybe both if there's enough water this year.

"Jeez Jim, that's an action packed schedule you have", I said. 

"Garrett, trout don't rise in the evergreen cemetery", he replied. True that, Jim. We'll see you on the water and try to keep up.