August Fishing Report

August is here and we are ready to embrace the late summer fishing season in Troutopia. This is the month we can expect warm temperatures that make for perfect afternoon siesta conditions for fish and fisherman, but overall it is a cooling time period as we move toward September and the fall season. Here's what you need to know about trout fishing in Montana in August:  

Be the early bird - start early and finish early. You'll find better fishing in the morning and early afternoon anyway, and you'll be doing yourself and the trout a favor by getting off the water when the serious heat sets in around mid-afternoon. There are some rivers restricted to fishing after 2PM, mostly lower elevation sections of larger rivers, but be sure to know before you go. 

Watch the weather - be smart and use your weather app to plan for the conditions which include wind, heat and hopefully an afternoon thunderstorm - trout absolutely love cloudy weather in August. Our extended forecast actually looks pretty good; lots of mid-70 to mid-80 degree days

Tricos and terrestrials - it's the hopper, ant and beetle season in Montana, so break out the foam flies and fish the banks. If you find a rising fish it is likely eating a very small, dead mayfly so get techy to catch them.

Quit smoking - the wildfire season has finally arrived with an intense one in the Bitterroot Valley that has sent a little haze eastward. Please be careful with campfires, cigarettes and anything else that's flammable. Smoke in the air can be a hassle, but it isn't bad yet so enjoy the mostly blue skies while we have them and do your rain dance every morning.  

Enjoy the solitude - August is one of the quietest months on our rivers so get out and enjoy the space on your favorite stretch of river. Except for the weekends, then it's crazy with rafters and tubers in the afternoons.

Hydrate or get dehydrated - drink water like a camel while you are on the water, it will definitely set you up for success at the post-fishing bar stop.

Enjoy the view - remember that a big reason we love fishing is because trout live in beautiful places. If you want hardcore productivity in your fishing, come back in late September to early October, or next May and June.