It's All In Play

Fall.  It is the season Montana outdoorsfolks dream about the rest of the year.  It's all in play in the fall - trout, birds, big game, mountain biking, autumn aesthetics - and October is the peak month to hit them all. The only problem is 31 days is definitely not enough to fit in all the things you want to do. Not even close, and don't even get us started on playoff baseball.

But that doesn't keep a guy from trying, as I juggle my last guiding trips of the season, a five year old black lab that wants to hunt every damn day, a seven year old with a burgeoning rock climbing addiction, and a four year old that is hell bent on trying to bend the space time continuum. It is a busy, fun, hectic, joyous time of the year, that will only get better as we near November, best summed up in images.  Enjoy!