Spring Special Road Trip


Spring is knocking on the door in Montana. With many new changes to our angling regulations, such as the Upper Madison and other small streams being open year-round, along with our discounted fishing rates until May 1, March and April will be great months to fish. If the winter months have clouded your angling brain, here’s the best 3-Day Angling Road trip on the planet.

Day One: The Yellowstone River and Livingston

Authentic as it gets. Fifty miles upstream or downstream of Livingston, the Yellowstone is ideal for the floating angler. Spring is gorgeous on this river as the jagged, snow-covered peaks of the Abasarokas, the Beartooths, and Crazy Mountains provide the backdrop. Livingston is a town full of eccentrics, but they appreciate quality lodging and good food.

Stay: The Murray Hotel: A century-old classic, elegant and refined.
A.M. catch: Pinky’s Café: Locals breakfast joint. Think eggs and biscuits and gravy.
P.M. catch: Montana’s Rib and Chop House: Stellar meat, fishbowl Margaritas and great wine list. 

Day Two: The Madison River and Ennis or Three Forks

There are two distinct sections of this famous river. The “Upper” refers to the water above Ennis Lake near the town of Ennis. The “Lower” is the river downstream of Ennis Lake. The towns of Ennis and Three Forks serve these rivers, and bank on Western charm and service to go along with great fishing and scenery.

Stay: Sacajawea Hotel in Three Forks: Beautiful and comfy boutique digs.
A.M. catch: Yesterday’s Soda Fountain (Ennis): Friendly, affordable café with stick-to-your ribs brekkie. 
P.M. catch: Gravel Bar (Ennis): Montana-classic for drinks and hearty dinner.

Day Three: The Missouri River and Craig

Affectionately called “The Mighty Mo,” this tailwater fishery emerges from Holter Dam about seven miles south of the small-drinking and big-fish fishing town of Craig. Craig is arguably the most happening spot in Montana fly-fishing circles. The Mo is the big finish to the road trip. If catching fish supersedes the act of “going fishing,” the Mo and its social atmosphere are in your wheelhouse.

Stay: Missouri River Ranch: The best lodging and food to match the fishing quality. Period.  
A.M. catch: Papa’s Food Truck (downtown Craig): Hot coffee, breakfast burritos and sammies.
P.M. catch: Izaak’s Restaurant: Wagyu beef burgers, delicious pasta and drinks.

Fly-fishing author John Gierach said it better than anyone: "The solution to any problem – work, love, money, whatever – is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be."

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