Happy Shoveling!

We really meant to get the boats covered before Winter rolled in, but in the busyness of a fantastic Fall we forgot to do it. Again. That's the price you pay for having too much fun sometimes.

We imagine you have your own forgotten chores stacking up too, but don't let planning next year's Montana adventure be one of them. Just like we are going to pay the kid down the block a few bucks to shovel all this snow, you can enlist us to assist you in doing the heavy lifting for you on planning your next Big Sky Country fishing trip.

So when you get together with your dad, brother, mother, sister, cousin, friend, child - whoever it is you like to have fun with - tell them you want to go flyfishing in Montana soon and that you know who to call to make it all happen without having to strain your back one little bit. 

Enjoy your holiday season and we look forward to seeing you in 2016.

Garrett and Pat
406.431.5089 ~ 406.439.4545