Finding Paradise on a Spring Creek

At MFO we pride ourselves in being Montana’s Most Unique Guide Service. We do that by covering a lot of Montana—we have local guides on nearly all of Montana’s trout waters. And, the Paradise Valley Springs Creeks are no different. In fact, two of Pat’s favorite waters are DePuy’s and Armstrong’s Spring Creeks.

Fishing these crystal clear creeks requires a unique approach to fly fishing, as these waters truly have no peer in the world of fly fishing. Fishing these creeks is likened to hunting, as most fish that are caught are seen first. If you’ve done the drift boat thing, let MFO show you the intricacies of walk-wade fly fishing on the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks. The ideal trip is two or three days as that allows you to fish all the creeks, or focus on one or two and fish during the best weather. Rod fees apply, and are their peak in high summer.

You don’t have to be an expert angler to enjoy the spring creeks. All you need is the desire to try a different style of fly fishing than what you’ve most likely done before. And, with an MFO spring creek specialist, you’re sure to have a good time. Plus the streamside Merlot and brie always spice up a day’s fishing.

The three Paradise Valley Spring Creeks are an annual favorite of local and traveling anglers. The creeks themselves are private, but the rod fee and guide allows you access. The three creeks, Nelson’s, DePuy’s, and Armstrong’s/O’Hair’s offer fishing in one of the most beautiful valleys in Montana, the Paradise Valley.

DePuy’s is the longest of the three creeks, then Armstrong’s/O’Hairs, and then Nelson’s. Anglers looking for selective fish in a technical piece of water should try their hand at some of these trout. But if you are serious about making this trip, book it early because the good guides go fast.