Montana Fishing Guide School

Want to know a great way to have fun and learn a lot? Instruct in a guide school, or better yet, be a student in one! Session One of the 2015 Montana Fishing Guide School season is in the books and it was excellent. 10 students, 7 days,1 goal - get great at fishing, rowing and guiding. Our next session kicks off in a few day (April 6-12), but our May session (May 17-23) has openings if you are interested.

Check out our course schedule and curriculum, which is approved by the Montana Board of Outfitters, for a full description of what we do and how we do it. The school is operated with our sister company Gallatin River Guides and is the ideal immersion experience for anglers looking to take their fishing to the next level, especially as an independent guide in Montana. Our seven day itinerary on private spring creeks, the Yellowstone, Madison and Missouri Rivers will put you on the path to flyfishing enlightenment for sure.

For more info check out the MFGS Facebook page.