Fresh Fish

Thanks to all our early season anglers who took advantage of our Spring Special and got the year off to an awesome start. There has been a lot of great fishing already this season and much more to come, especially in the next few weeks. Our snowpack has shrunk to about 70% statewide, which is lower than we like but pretty good compared to the incredibly dry conditions Washington, Oregon and California are experiencing. We are actually blessed this year and will make the most of it.

May and June become the prime months on a lower water year, and we love it. A shorter run-off period, happy trout, amazing caddis, mayfly and stonefly hatches that have already begun and should push straight through into July. Tailwaters like the Bighorn and Missouri will be consistently good while freestones like the Madison, Blackfoot, Gallatin and Yellowstone take a little more flexibility but offer their rewards. The Mother's Day caddis are popping on the Madison and Yellowstone Rivers right on schedule for mom, and the march brown madness is in full swing on the Missouri River. If you have the means to get out fishing soon, you really should. Our small streams open on Saturday as well, and many of them will be very fishable from the get-go this season.

What about summer you ask? We'll have enough water for July, August and September fishing too, but we'll likely be starting our days earlier then and letting those trout catch an afternoon nap. It is a gentleman's sport after all.

We are in full swing at MFO now, guiding everyday and manning the hotline every night. Our guides have come out of their hibernation and are ready to stretch those arms on the oars and help you find some memorable fishing moments together.

Contact us today to start planning your Montana fishing adventure!   

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