The Smith River Delivers. Again.

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When your Smith River crew consists of seven adults and six kids between the ages of 5 and 9, but you already have over 100 trips down the canyon combined, you know you are ready for an exciting adventure. The match of youthful exuberance and experienced moderation finds it's sweet spot on a 60 mile river float. 

Four hours of rain that interrupts an otherwise glorious weather window, we can deal with that, especially with a golf umbrella. Four Echo Gecco kids flyrods rigged and ready, some getting used, some less so - there's more to do than fish on a river like this. Bring your bucket and binoculars.  

Unlimited crayfish, bull and gardner snakes, Peregrine falcons, beaver, gobs of geese, never ending canyon walls, the occasional trout - the Smith is an outdoor lovers paradise in so many ways.

Nightly games of Mafia around the campfire, belly laughing and enjoying good, cold beer after long days in the sun. Sleep is sound, so much better than home, except when the wind blows. 

But it's the water that holds it all together. It's the river that sends us down the canyon, shares it's magical creatures with us, cools us off on the lower end when the heat has set in. The river is the glue to this whole trip, to so many great trips, and I would say the Smith is stickier than most. At least it's stuck in my mind, and after two days home I can't wait to get back. 

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