Get yer beer, here!

Feb 2018 pics 090.jpeg

I'm always looking for new ways to get the word out about our business. We rely on repeat and direct referral clients to provide the bulk of our angler base, and the magic of the internet connects us with most of the rest, but I am always searching for new ways to connect.

One drove up to my house this fall. It was an open bed pick-up truck with a few empty beer kegs rolling around. Our friend Dash from MAP Brewing had stopped by after one of the many, many beer festivals these micro-brew types like to attend. So I slapped a sticker on a keg or two and off they went back to Bozeman. 

Turns out the folks at MAP have a lot of kegs travelling around delivering beer to the good people of Montana, and when one of our tagged kegs cycles back through the brewery for cleaning and refilling, it gets noticed. I now receive periodic text shots of our tagged barrels as they roll through the brewery and I'm thinking, "this must be our target audience, right?"

Word gets around, and so does good local beer. Thank goodness.