Summer Swelter

Summer roared in like a blast furnace bringing a string of days with highs in the 90s to most of Montana. It has been H-O-T Hot. Too hot. Melt in your driftboat about about 3PM hot. Can't drink enough ice water hot. It has not been awesome. You know what has been awesome though? The morning and evening trout bite, that's what. It's our saving grace in the short sweaty season in Big Sky Country. 

Here's the secret short list to get through the next 6 weeks of the fishing season:

 ~Start early, enjoy the sunrise. It's a gorgeous time of day and the trout will be happier for you.

~Get off early, enjoy some air conditioning or at least some shade. The trout will love you for it, they need a break.

~Hydrate! Drink water like your life depends on does by the way.

~ Pray for clouds, they are a total game changer on the water, for you and the trout.

~ Search for Tricos and Terrestrials - they are the summer bugs we love.

~ Don't let it get in your head. Heat is just one of the many weather conditions we deal with when trout hunting. You'd probably like it more than snow.

~If all else fails, go catch a carp, they love the heat.