Photo Essay: Living the Dream

Montana Fishing Guide School

There is a well known English idiom that states, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So instead of chattering along about the details of the first two sessions of The Montana Fishing Guide School; here is a 12,000 word essay written via my camera lens while tagging along with two groups of students during their week long journey in Montana.

What you will see below: The excitement and challenge of seven long days on the water that encompasses learning to net fish, manage a drift boat, technical fishing expertise, managing a guide day on the water, and everything it takes to be a full time professional fishing guide.

What is hidden behind the images: A group of strangers that develop into a tight knit collection of anglers whom are excited to see the next steps in each others individual lives and careers. Some students are off to work in fly shops, a few are kicking off guiding careers, and others are starting an adventure that will allow them to follow their life long passion.