Whatcha doin' right now?

November pics 037.jpg

When you are a hunter in Montana and your phone rings during the fall months, and your friend who is calling starts with these words - "Whatcha doin' right now?" - 99 out of 100 times it means one thing; he or she has a big dead animal on their hands and needs help. It is a call I look forward to and try to build my schedule loosely so I can usually answer, "Waitin' for you to call so I can help get yer elk out."

Today I helped Taylor haul his first elk out of the mountains. It was a great early morning outing in beautiful country and we were able to glass lots of animals on the hike. We divvied up the quarters and creeped down the steep slopes until we were back on the flats and at the truck without having to strain too much. Even had time for a greasy bar burger on the way home.

I love trout fishing, but when the snow flies it's time to hunt birds and big game, and be ready to answer the call.