Montana Fishing Guide School Expansion for 2016

New Dry Fly Focus Sessions

With the ever popular growth of the Montana Fishing Guide School, we have decided to expand our offerings for summer 2016. If you or someone you know wants to live the lifestyle of a fishing guide or just wants to be a better angler, the Montana Fishing Guide School is a great choice.

Our June 19-25 session has a few spots left…so if you’ve always wanted a look behind the curtain, be a better rower, AND chase salmon flies this could be the week for you. The entire session is based out of the Bozeman area and we will fish the Madison, some small streams, and if the stars align be on the Yellowstone.

But the BIG NEWS for summer 2016, at the request of recent graduates, is that we are now offering two advanced summer sessions:  July 17-23 and August 21-27.

These two sessions will emphasize dry fly fishing. We will target caddis hatches, Pale Morning Dun hatches on the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks, and learn how to prospect larger rivers with flies that float.

Contact us today for more information and to book your spot.