Leapin' Into March!

With a whole extra day on our hands this year it seems like there should be plenty of time to get ready for the impending fishing season, but it has snuck up on us once again. Our first guide trips of the season head out next week and our first guide school session kicks off in less than three weeks -  it's time to get cracking! We've been busy the last couple months talking about fishing, and now it's time to actually go fishing.

Conditions for the early season look good as some recent warm weather has water temperatures on the rise, which should trigger some midges, mayflies and stoneflies to begin hatching and make the trout begin feeding in earnest. We need some more snow still, and a wet spring will help a lot, but barring some major weather events this appears to be an 'average' water at best, and we'd could live with that.

Are you coming to Montana this year? You should, it's awesome here and we'll help you put together a custom package trip just for you and your crew, whether it be for a day, a week, or somewhere in between.   

Enjoy your Leap Day!