'Tis the Streamer Season: It Is Finally Here

Here are some tips to help git ‘er done with the big bugs.

You must learn to double-haul. This advanced cast is crucial to success in the streamer game. It adds line speed to your cast, which makes fishing large, weighted flies easier.

Always keep your hand on the line. When streamer fishing, your line hand is crucial. The line hand is the hand holding the line, not the rod. This will help you keep “in touch” with your fly.

Learn to cast further. Distance casting is essential when streamer fishing and this brings us back to the double haul. Being able to air it out fifty or sixty feet can be very effective because you can cover a lot of water.

Adjust your gear arsenal. Longer, heavier rods make casting big flies easier. The rod selection of a streamer fiend will include six and seven weights in lengths of 9’6” and 10’.

Strip-set with conviction. Use a simple strip set, and use it with purpose. When a hit occurs, violently strip the fly line and yank the rod to side. Think about driving the hook in the fish. It happens fast, but the most important thing is to strip that fly line more than moving the rod. Strip, strip, STRIP IT HARD! Get aggressive. You’re the predator going in for the kill.

Fight the fish the purpose. Large fish have a very strong sense of self-preservation and often find a way to elude capture. Be diligent and attentive to your rigging and knot tying. Manage your line carefully whether the fish is on or off the reel, don’t let line tangle disasters happen. Learn the limits of your rig and put the heat on the fish whenever possible.