Assigned Reading

Remember when your teacher used to assign you some summer reading to keep your mind sharp and ready to return to school in the fall? Well, we want to keep you informed too, so peruse these pieces when you have the time to keep up to speed on all things about Montana trout.

The history of wild trout in Montana is a fascinating one, and this interview with FWP fisheries biologist Dick Vincent is very informative.

Do you and your fishing partner find yourselves periodically tangled up while fishing together from a drifboat or raft? It's not uncommon, and there are some specific ways to keep it from happening. This article from MidCurrent is spot on to help keep your flies on the water where they do their best work.

You know flyfishing has hit the mainstream market when Men's Journal is profiling hotspots in Montana!

And finally, here's an independent review from one of our anglers from last month on his personal blog

So study up and let us know if you find any interesting material to share.