Supersized Spring

Winter went out like a lamb and spring has come on strong as an ox this year. Everything that buds, procreates, needs mowing or melts is at least 2 weeks ahead of schedule, including our spawning rainbow trout. When we're not busy being mad at New England for stealing all our snow we are strapping on the sandals, slathering on the sunscreen and heading to the river.

Our early season anglers have been rewarded with some solid to fantastic fishing conditions; baetis hatches on the Yellowstone, midge madness on the Missouri, big pigs in the Land of Giants  - everything is open and fishing well.

Our snowpack has shrunk quite a bit in the last few weeks and we could use some strong spring rains to keep things from drying out summer. What does it mean for our fishing season? Our spring fishing should be dynamite with a relatively gentle run-off, but late summer could be tough if it gets hot. Still too early to say with any authority, but we think May will be off the hook and we'll go from there.  

We have guides on the water every day from now through October and are here to answer your call when you are ready to get onboard. The season is officially underway, the primetime show will be here very soon, and we hope to fish with you this year. 

Garrett and Pat
406.431.5089 ~ 406.439.4545