Off With the Kids' Gloves

2016-06-12 15.44.21.jpg

Some of my fondest memories as a child revolve around time spent outdoors with my family. Endless camping, hunting, and fishing trips will forever remain as some of the most cherished events of my childhood. I vividly remember always lying in bed the night before a hunting trip with my dad, unable to fall asleep. My boundless excitement and ardent anticipation wouldn’t allow my mind to rest; I literally couldn’t wait for the next day. This type of excitement is something that will stay with a person forever.

Now on the river, I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to share this passion for the outdoors with the guests in my boat; it’s great to see the next generation of youth gain interest in what we all know and love. The excitement of coaching a young budding angler into their first fish, while their loved one admires from the back of the boat, brings a certain sense of joy that can not be described with words. As fishing guides we are allotted a unique perspective as we are interjected into these sensational moments between a father and son, mother and daughter, or grandparents and grandchild. When we slip our net under a beautiful trout and give a round of high fives we get to be part of the family. It brings back the same feeling we had as a child and ignites the passion we share with our own children growing up in the outdoors.

With the season quickly approaching, I know that myself along with the assembly of MFO guides are looking forward to another season of spending our precious river moments cherishing the personal relationships we develop. Although we get to meet many different groups of people on the river, some of the best trips are when we observe family connect. Whether it’s a new generation finding their first passion with the outdoors or older generations rekindling their relationships amongst Mother Nature, it is great to see everyone enjoy their time on the water. These days on the river are what we all live for and we can’t wait to contribute toward that special moment during your next fishing trip this year.