Trick 'em and Treat 'em To A Release

The first high country snow of the season is right on schedule here in Montucky, and with it comes the beginning of the end of our peak fishing season. October is a month we relish here for the solitude and dramatic change of seasons. Not to mention of course, all the well conditioned trout who must get one last strong feeding cycle in before winter arrives and they go take a nice nap.

We are geared up for the final push - waders are back in the boat along with thermoses of hot coffee and lots of mayfly patterns to match the hatches. Mornings are crisp, afternoons are balmy and the scenery is unbeatable. We love October, and if you haven't experienced fall in the Rockies yourself yet, you really should. 

If you are not planning on a Big Sky visit in the next month or so then turn your attention to the spring when things will be rolling again and we'll be here to help you plan an awesome angling adventure.

Garrett and Pat
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