Simple Secrets to Group Trip Planning

We have really enjoyed the fun and camaraderie of the group and corporate trips we have done the last few seasons - and we want to do more! Arranging the perfect lodging and logistics so everyone gets what they need from the trip is our strong suit, and our great guides and tremendous trout take care of the rest.

There are three secrets to success, and we're happy to share them with you:

1. Choose your crew wisely. Friends, family, couples, employees, customers; whoever it is you are inviting, be thoughtful about the mix of personalities of your group. 

2. Stay at the right spot. The river(s) and the lodge or house or hotel you choose will be the defining characteristic of your trip. Freestone or tailwater?  Fully hosted fishing lodge or a cozy house on the water with self prepared meals?

3. Choose the sensible season. If you group likes easy logistics and flip flops then come in the summer. If they like to gear up in waders and layers then come in the spring or fall.

Need more fodder to keep the wheel turning? Check out this excellent article on corporate fishing trips from the recent issue of Trout magazine.