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Have you hit the salmonfly hatch on the Big Hole River? Cha-ching! Caught more trout than you could count on the Madison during the Mother's Day caddis hatch? Bada-bing! Watched a big bull trout t-bone your helpless cutthroat on the Blackfoot River? Oh yeah, that was amazing!!  Do you feel like you've done it all?  Well, you haven't. Yet, anyway.

The next stage in the angling spectrum is to actually get away from the well know blue ribbon waters and head down the dusty trails that lead to special, secret waters. Places that are talked about in hushed tones over cold beers at the end of the bar, sneaky grins on the faces of the anglers in the know. These are usually small streams that receive very little pressure, lie in or near private ranch and farmland, and fish fantastically well through the summer and fall months.

The fishing on these small streams is most often casting dryflies to actively rising trout or likely holding water in classic run, riffle, pool water. Sometimes we breakdown and tie an emerger or nymph below our dryfly - but only if we really have to! The health and size of the trout in these tributary streams is often surprisingly good, and we work hard to make sure they stay that way by limiting the amount of fishing pressure they receive.  

MFO has access to a good number of these waters in each of the different regions where we offer guided fishing trips, and we would be happy to share some of our secrets spots with you...if you're ready for it. Rods fees apply to some of these private access waters and rates vary on the season. A a day or two on a piece of private water is often the perfect accompaniment to a traveling trip across Montana we call 406 On The Fly

Call us on our secured line at 406.431.5089 for more details.

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